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Your personal visual needs are as unique as your identity. Your lifestyle, occupation and habits must be considered along with your visual capabilities for you to receive the maximum benefit of your eyewear. We are an independent eye care provider offering nearly every type of lens with a range of features. Our expert opticians are qualified to handle even the most difficult prescriptions and are eager to assist you in choosing the perfect frame. We carry an extensive selection of designer frames to suit your style and budget.

Lens Types:

  • Distance
  • Reading
  • Computer
  • Bifocal
  • Trifocal
  • Progressive

Lens Materials:

  • Polycarbonate — lightweight and impact resistant
  • High-index plastic — thin and lightweight
  • Aspheric — flatter, slimmer profile

Coatings & Treatments:

  • Scratch Resistance
  • Anti-glare
  • Anti-reflective
  • UV-blocking

Sun Protection:

  • Polarized
  • Photochromatic — automatically darken with light


  • Sports
  • Safety
  • Shooting
  • Irlen Tint (for Dyslexia)

We’re here to help

  • Outside prescriptions are welcome, and we can even fit new lenses into your existing frames — including those from another provider!
  • Walk-ins are welcome to browse our selection of frames, no appointment needed
  • We will adjust and clean your current frames free of charge
If you only have one pair of glasses (including multiple pairs of the same type), you might be interested in speaking with one of our opticians about a second pair as sunglasses or for computer use.